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Deutscher Naturschutzring

(German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection - DNR)
Deutscher Naturschutzring (German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection – DNR), set up in 1950 by 15 founding members, is a coalition of German environmental NGOs. Today DNR counts 91 member organisations.

As the umbrella organisation of German environmental NGOs, DNR takes up issues that are of regional, national and international relevance.

DNR’s European and global activities gain importance since many environmental problems can only be solved through international cooperation.

Nature conservancy means protection and enhancement of the quality of life. Nature conservancy and other environmental issues affect all of us. DNR strives for a broad social consensus, because
together we can do it


The DNR has the following objectives:


According to its by-laws, DNR fulfills the following tasks:

A list of publications is available from the DNR secretariat.

DNR international

DNR acts as national liaison for nature conservancy issues with the European Council (Naturopa Center). It is a member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Ressources (IUCN).

The EU-Koordination, established by DNR, provides information on European environmental issues. It publishes a weekly newsletter, which presents and analyses major events, legislative initiatives and developments on the European level.

DNR also accomodates the Projekstelle Umwelt & Entwicklung, the secretariat of the German NGO Forum on Environment & Development which is a joint initiative of environment and development NGOs to monitor and promote implementation of Agenda 21.

Organisational Structure

The general meeting which convenes annually is the governing body of the DNR. An unsalaried board of directors consisting of the chair of the board, two vice chairs, a financial director, a youth representative and six members is elected every four years.

The salaried staff of the DNR secretariat is in charge of day-to-day operations.

DNR is funded by membership fees,by institutional support by the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, by project funds, donations, and fines.

Upon request, we will provide further information in English (against a small fee) on umwelt aktuell, EU-Koordination, and conference readers.

Nature conservancy, animal protection and environmental protection are vital issues and need strong partners. Please help us with your support.