BfN: English for Environmentalists - Communication and Language Skills

In der Internationalen Naturschutzakademie veranstaltet das BfN einen englischkurs für Umweltaktivisten. Es soll um den Ausbau von Kommunikations- und Sprachfertigkeiten gehen. Basiswissen in Englisch sollte daher vorhanden sein. 

"English is the common language of understanding for nature conservation and related issues in many parts of the world. Conservationists need to be able to communicate in English when they talk to colleagues from other countries, contact the European Commission or other international institutions, take expert groups from abroad on a guided walk or consult English literature. Yet, the corresponding vocabulary is neither taught in schools nor universities.
This course will provide people with an opportunity to develop their vocabulary in relation to key points of interest in the fields of nature conservation, landscape management, environmental education, interpretation, tourism, through both language training in the field and indoor language workshops. Participants will use various techniques to develop their language skills in a different subject areas each day. The general format of each day will include vocabulary and grammar workshops, activities, group discussion and feedback.
The tutor is a native speaker."

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