A digital week on civil society action

5 for the climate

5 for the climate is an international digital discussion and networking week dealing with civil society’s participation in climate action and political engagement for more ambitious climate policies and action from local to international level.

Civil society actors are key stakeholders in developing and implementing climate policies, as they hold an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise. Also, many of them are extremely well connected with local communities that play a crucial role in fighting climate crisis. Although the need for action is greater than ever, civic space is increasingly restricted in many countries around the world.

What is the current state of civil society participation in climate issues also in light of the current pandemic? Commenting plans, advocate publicly and taking it into their own hands: How is civil society advancing climate action? What good examples of effective participation exist on different levels of governance?

5 days with more than 20 events – thematic deep dives, panel debates, workshop formats and networking events to discuss these questions and collaborative sessions.