Dachverband der deutschen Natur-, Tier- und Umweltschutzorganisationen

About us

The European Policy Department of DNR

The European Policy Department of DNR (German League for Nature and Environment) was established in 1991 in recognition of the increasing importance of EU environmental policy for Europe and Germany. It coordinates the activities of German environmental organizations throughout Europe, establishes contact with other activists within Europe, and influences EU policy. The team informs German environmental protection and conservation organizations about current developments at the EU level through numerous meetings, visitors programs, workshops, and publications. As a member of the umbrella organization European Environmental Bureau (EEB), the European Department closely coordinates its work with Brussels-based environmental organizations.

The German League for Nature and Environment (DNR) is the umbrella organization of German conservation and environmental protection organizations. It currently has 99 member organizations which together represent over eleven million individual members.

Our Goals

Europe is steadily assuming a worldwide pioneering role in conservation, environmental and consumer protection, and sustainable use of resources, and it advocates an equitable and sustainable global economic system. In order for this dream to become a reality, we want to

  • accompany, influence, and change the decision-making process in Brussels accordingly, and
  • support and call for the implementation and application of hard-won European regulations and laws in the EU member states.

Therefore, it is important to us that our work

  • sensitizes societal actors to the importance of EU policy,
  • informs our member organizations about current EU environmental legislation and mobilizes them to "interfere,"
  • develops an intensified dialogue and synergistic effects between representatives of civil society and European policy makers,
  • promotes the lobbying activities of European environmental organizations, and
  • supports coordinated and effective lobbying in German European politics.